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Case studies: Studi e Aziende

Studios italiani

Videogames Without Borders (Firenze / Malaga)
- videogiochi ad impatto sociale, associazione no profit, opensource, internazionale -

Open Lab (Firenze)
- An Independent Game Development and Design Studio - Applied Games -

Whitesock (Firenze)

Softcare studio (Roma)


MelaZeta (Modena)
- 22 ANNI di Digital Engagement - 800 progetti di Gamification per ogni target e settore - 100 App per iOS e Android -

Entertainment Game Apps (Londra)
- History and Cultural Heritage games -

AnotheReality (Milano)
- Simulation, Training & Education - Enterprise solutions - Customer experience & interaction - Gaming, Events & Entertainment - Travel & Heritage -

- To bring something that was related only to gaming and fun to other contexts. The founders believed in this project where VR would be a platform for building the future of the shopping experience.

Studios internazionali

Toca Boca


Filament Games

Strange Loop Games

Assets providers


Kay Lousberg

👉🏼ℹ️ How to sell game assets


Classification Site

Serious Game Classification

Kids: Examples of serious games for Kids

L’industria Videogiochi Olandese (documentario)

  1. A closer look at the Dutch games industry
  2. The Rise of Entertainment Games
  3. Applied Games & Gamification
  4. Research & Development